Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Treasure Chest

Leicester Award for Employability Skills
My Treasure Chest

When I first received the email about the Online Employability programme, it sounded and appeared to be very interesting. My immediate reaction was to sign up for it. However, upon closer assessment, I realized that it was going to compete with my main area of study. By putting it in the balance, I told myself that it is better to focus all my energies on my masters programme rather than embracing this new award course. This choice seemed rational and plausible to me at the time. Nevertheless, as time progressed, the word “balance” reverberated in my mind. I started to think about being able to do my masters courses while doing the ONE award programme.

 My mind hurriedly ran across numerous persons who are able to multi-tasks. Numerous persons who are able to undertake multiple activities at the same time. It all boiled down to a matter of priority, order, balance, discipline and dedication. All of which are very important. I told myself that if other persons are able to do it, then I too am able to achieve this objective. Hence, I decided to pursue this short award course with the University of Leicester.

As I started the ONE programme, the course seemed somewhat hectic, but upon closer examination, I appreciated the content. For example, unit one offered an array of variables that I sometimes take for granted. Unit one assisted me in highlighting my areas of strengths, skills, future plans and hobbies. These are good variables for one to always consider. This has helped me to do some well needed introspection. Additionally, it has assisted me in outlining some variables that are needed on my resume.  Furthermore, a chief benefit that I garnered from the ONE programme is that it allowed me to realize and recognize my weaknesses. With this in mind, I am now able to develop strategies in order to convert these weaknesses into strengths.

As I reflect on the unit one course, I smile at the idea of having to outline my hobbies. This was an amusing, interesting and educational revelation. At first I only viewed an hobby as something to be done as a pass time while enjoying it. However, this course has shed some well need light on it. For example, being involved in athletics shows team spirit, dedication, and being task oriented. Being a baby sitter shows the level of care, compassion and dedication a person has. I just hadn't thought about it like this before and to be honest I'm loving it and cant wait to share it with others!!

I strongly believe that persons should be enrolled in this programme as it provides an avenue for the individual to develop his/her employability skills. Take for instance, if I were to attend an interview and they ask me to outline some of my skills, weaknesses and attributes, I would not have to stutter or stop and think what exactly they are. This is because this course has already gotten me thinking, planning and preparing for situations like this.

I have benefited greatly from this course. As such, I am thinking about passing on the knowledge that I have acquired to my colleagues and students who are about to go in search of a job. It is clear that this can be quite advantageous to them so I will not keep this wealth of information to myself. Being a teacher my profession, I wouldn't be able to pass on this knowledge until September when school is reopened.

Trekking down memory lane, the ONE programme has put a whole new meaning to social networking.  It has been highlighted that Facebook  twitter, flicker, among others can be used as a platform for branding and marketing myself.  Usually, I use it just to keep in touch with my friends.  However, I am now in the process of reorganizing my profile in order for it to be in alignment with my brand image.  This is one of my future that will be accomplished within the next month.

In essence, I am grateful to be a part of the ONE award programme. It is what is current, it is what is happening!!  It has awaken something in me and has given me the courage and motivation to market myself well.............. after all  I am strong, gifted, talented, smart and savvy...........why not package it??